Why Invest in Walgreens for Sale?

Investing in Walgreens for sale is one of the safest investment decisions you can ever make. Unlike other retail real estates, Walgreens is protected by the Walgreens assets. So you should not think twice before investing in Walgreens for sale.

Walgreens for sale will never default. Moreover, you get the rent timely, on a monthly basis. The same will go on for, at least, the next 20 years of your lease. Besides, Walgreens is rated Baa1 by Moody’s.

No Landlord Responsibilities, No Cost Exposure

When you own a property leased to Walgreens, the level of both cost exposure and management responsibilities are ZERO. Walgreens lease is truly NNN, meaning the handling of management and payment solely falls in Walgreens’ hand; furthermore, it also includes property taxes, operation expenses, and operating costs.

Thus, you don’t have to be thinking about occasional ownership headaches and hidden charges. Walgreens will bear the cost of insurance, maintenance, and repair.

Thus, investing in Walgreens for sale is kind of like owning a corporate bond, your investment will get you fixed yield, upon maturity. Last but not least, there are no pitfalls to obstruct your way to gaining profit.

Leverage, Depreciation, and Tax Savings

By investing in Walgreens for sale you can enjoy the same benefits as all other real estate investors: tax savings, leverage, and depreciation.

Thanks to Walgreens’ outstanding credit ratings, different sources of financing are available to the investors. In today’s real estate market, lenders seek after Walgreens’s credit than that is of any other similar ventures.

You Are Buying the Best Corner in Town

Above all, don’t forget that you are putting your money in real estate. As you buy a Walgreens for sale, you become the proud owner of a place on the best corner of the town. The reason is Walgreens is very choosey when it comes to selecting locations; and they are the best in the industry.

Walgreens has been working relentlessly to realize the vision of a long-term market goal. And so far, their strategy has worked very well. A Walgreens lease means they are committing to bear the expenses of rent and other costs for no less than 25 years! Moreover, Walgreens vets every location thoroughly to ensure the maximum return.

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