Triple Net Properties for Sale

If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, then you should go over the phrase triple net properties for sale. They are particularly the safest and easiest to handle properties that you can invest in. The tenant has to bear the expenditure of operation, maintenance and repair, which makes triple net properties for sale even more lucrative.

Some other advantages of investing in NNN properties are:

Easy to Manage

The landlord has to do nothing but collecting the monthly rent form his tenants.

Tenant Duties

The tenant’s responsibilities include handling the maintenance of the landscaping, removing all trash, repairing the roof, striping the parking lot, taking care of plumbing problems, cleaning the parking lot, paying for electricity bills, and mending the parking lot.

In addition to that, the tenant also has to pay all types of taxes and insurances, like: equipment taxes, income taxes, property taxes, property insurance, liability insurance, and fire insurance.

Minimal Risk

In most of the cases NNN properties are attached to strong net worth companies with higher credit ratings; which makes the investment almost risk free.

Long Term Lease

NNN properties are subject to an at least 20 years lease, with a renewal option for another 20 years, spread over 4 phases. So the total lease can be up to a total of 40 years.

Rent Increment

While the minimum rent increment is negotiable, there is a provision to increase rent after every 5 years. Some even increase on a yearly basis. Most of the times, these increases are in line with the current market value. That means any adjustment is similar to those other homogeneous properties in the same location. These increments set the course for an immediate increase in value, too.

Easy to Sell

Because of their ‘safe investment’ tag, triple net properties for sale are high in demand.

1031 Exchange

If you are looking forward to exchanging property, then NNN properties is the way to go. Since the tenant has to pay all costs, they are naturally ideal exchange candidates.

Easy Financing

Factors like low risk investment, familiarity of the type of property, and tenant credit rating make getting finance for this type of property easier. Though getting financing for other types of properties may have to go through thorough scrutiny, the situation is different when it comes to NNN properties.

So, if you see a listing of NNN properties for sale, you should give it a serious thought.

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