Single Tenant NNN Properties for Sale  

Favorable conditions and strong cash flow have together fueled the demand for single tenant NNN properties for sale. Part-time investors are finding it as a lucrative opportunity to ensure a fixed income flow without having to take management responsibilities. For others with mature portfolios, this works as an exit strategy. Many people still invest in real estate to satisfy their overall asset allocation strategy. In comparison to CDs and other bond products, single tenant NNN properties for sale are quite attractive, especially in today’s economy. Most of all, they are not to be affected by inflation and other economic downturns.

What are some of the major advantages of investing in single tenant NNN properties for sale?

First of all, people love owning an income generating property without any managerial responsibilities. They are guaranteed with a predictable check on a monthly basis; and that is also from an ideal tenant who has signed a contract for no less than 10 years. People who have had previous experience of owning multifamily properties are exhausted from the hassles of handling management duties. A fair current supply also makes good investments available at any given time. Furthermore, financing them is easier. Some primary benefits of investing in NNN properties for sale are as follow:

  • A 1031 tax deferred exchange comes as an opportunity to defer on gains on capital taxes.
  • NNN properties for sale do not take you to perform any maintenance duties. It wholly falls on the tenant to take care of the property.
  • NNN properties for sale are considered as a liquid investment for their high residual value.
  • With many NNN properties, there are opportunities for fixed financing for over 10 years.
  • This type of properties are rid of management fees, tenant improvement costs, vacancy actors, and leasing fee.
  • Since tenants usually sign leases for a period spanning from 10 to 25 years, there is no worry about tenant turnover.

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