Sale Leasebacks

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A Real estate sale leaseback is when a business sells its commercial property for current market value and then instantly leases it back. They sell it to gain built up equity which frees up capital which can be used to invest back into the business. There are many other benefits to this transaction as well.

The balance sheet of your business is improved greatly and you retain control of the property. Since you will be leasing the property you can defer a good portion of the tax liability. With a lease you can write off the full payment each month whereas with a regular loan only the interest payment can be written off. When you complete this transaction you are always guaranteed the full market value of your property, so you don’t risk losing any money in equity.

The other benefit is that you can get a lease for commercial property for up to 25 years, which can lower your monthly payments considerably. This gives you more operating capital each month since your monthly payments will go back down some.

Real estate sale leaseback transactions are becoming more popular because they generate capital for immediate use within your business. It unlocks the value in your real estate. With real estate you can get more capital because of how fast it grows. Some businesses do sale and leaseback transactions for equipment as well.

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