Locating Top-Notch NNN Properties for Sale

Locating quality NNN properties for sale is not that easy. Since there is no uniform and central database for listing commercial properties, you may have to rely on different sources to find out about NNN properties for sale. Moreover, only a few of them are available in public.

Finding NNN Properties for Sale through Internet directories

There are multiple websites that combine both regular commercial real estate properties and NNN properties for sale specifically. Of them, the most prominent are Costar Exchange and Loopnet. At the moment, they are on the verge of merging into a single identity. Anyone can post on them right after registration. There is however a fundamental difference – on Costar, you can access the database directly; but on Loopnet you have to be a paying subscriber first. Not all NNN properties for sale make it to the sites, however.

Major Listings of NNN Properties for Sale

Some property owners and developers prefer adding their deals they have for sale to their own sites. Kimclo Realty and CrestNetLease are two of the sites that follow such practice. And, Bencor Development posts NNN properties for sale online right away. Although direct business-to-business communication can get you access to an authentic listing, visiting these sites takes great deal of effort. As well as that, without having a guide to walk you through the process, it might be hard for you to know which properties for sale is a good investment.

Hire a Professional Broker to Get the Most Out of It

Going over thousands of sites online in search of properties for sale could be unfruitful. Instead of that, hire a broker and provide a shortlist of net lease properties for sale. Let your broker do the tiring job for you. Professional brokers usually have insider access to NNN properties for sale. So, you can expect something good when you hire a broker on your behalf. Besides, hiring a broker is feasible considering the seller pays the commission; so it costs you the nothing.

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