Protect and Grow your Wealth Through Value-Add, Necessity Based Commercial Real Estate

Offering Accredited 1031 Exchange and Non-1031 Exchange Investors unique opportunities to invest in Industrial, Multifamily and Necessity Retail Real Estate


Tired of constantly being on the search for a good Net Lease property? Tired of the late nights, Broker calls and sifting through tons of property emails. Tired of being consistently outbidded on properties? Tired of discovering horrible things about the property during the due diligence period? Tired of the low CAP Rates? and many, many more….

Taking your feedback and understanding your frustrations we came up with a solution. We created a program for investors to invest and partner on large institutional-quality projects without the experience or large amount of capital. This process of investing provides investors with a fully passive (Triple Net Like) investment into Recession-Resistant asset classes with experience sponsors in the best markets.


Fully Passive Income

Our goal is to offer our investors a chance to invest in commercial real estate securely and reliably, without having to handle tenant matters on a daily basis. Our sponsors handle the entire real estate process, including purchasing and renovations, enabling our partners to experience 100% passive cash flow.

Immediate Diversification

Our aim is to help our investors generate wealth by adding an additional income stream to their investment portfolio. Our sponsors focus on investing in Necessity Retail like neighborhood centers, Industrial properties and Multifamily Communities due to their stability and potential for positive cash flow.

Lower Risk than Equity Markets

We believe that real estate serves as a safeguard against stock market fluctuations. For investors seeking to protect their investments by diversifying away from volatile equities, we consider passive commercial real estate as a secure option.

Tax Benefits

While REIT or stockholders receive a 1099 tax form, our partners receive a K-1 tax form, which grants them the benefit of depreciation deductions on their personal income tax returns. As investors, they can take advantage of real estate tax benefits without having to deal with property or tenant-related issues.


Our team is dedicated to assisting you with every aspect of the 1031 process, including the legal and paperwork requirements involved in the exchange. We can even provide recommendations for fully accredited intermediaries we work with. Our cutting-edge 1031 application platform ensures a seamless and effortless completion of the process.


Working with us allows you to sell your current property and seamlessly transition into a professionally managed, high-quality property without incurring tax consequences. Our program handles the entire process internally, ensuring top-notch asset management and providing you, the investor, with a completely passive experience. You invest, and we take care of all the necessary work!



Let’s get to know each other. Discuss what you will be investing in, understand the process and see if our funds is a good fit for you.


We’ll notify you of upcoming investment opportunities and if you decide to move forward, we will walk you through the whole process.


Receive regular property update reports along with your quarterly distributions via Direct deposit or check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can invest with your 1031 exchange proceeds. The sponsors we work with structure the investment in a Tenant in Common (TIC) to accommodate the funds. Please contact us early in order to give the sponsor enough time to prepare the proper legal paperwork.
The minimum is $100,000. Some investors with 1031 exchanges and have large proceeds can invest the whole amount or into multiple projects at the same time.

One of the most important questions for potential investors is about the quality of the sponsor. We have have a rigorous process for evaluating each sponsor we work with. We only approve sponsors who have a proven track record and a history of successful distribution for at least ten years, often longer.

We believe in transparency, so we share information with our investors about these sponsors and the thorough vetting process we’ve conducted. Once you’ve had an introductory call with us, we’ll gladly provide you with detailed track records and biographies of our approved operators, as well as information about our stringent due diligence process.

Investing in syndications can offer several tax advantages. Here are some common tax benefits associated with syndication investments:

  1. Depreciation: Syndication investments often involve commercial real estate properties, which can be depreciated over time for tax purposes. Depreciation allows investors to deduct a portion of the property’s value from their taxable income each year, reducing their overall tax liability.
  2. Pass-through Taxation: Many syndications are structured as pass-through entities, such as limited liability companies (LLCs) or partnerships. In pass-through taxation, the income or losses generated by the syndication “pass through” to the individual investors. This means that investors report their share of the syndication’s income or losses on their personal tax returns. Pass-through entities often qualify for favorable tax treatment, as the income is not subject to corporate-level taxation.
  3. Capital Gains Tax Treatment: When a syndication sells a property at a profit, investors may be eligible for long-term capital gains tax treatment. Long-term capital gains are typically taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income. The holding period required to qualify for long-term capital gains treatment is typically one year or longer.
  4. 1031 Exchanges: In some cases, syndication investors can utilize a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains taxes when selling one syndication investment and reinvesting the proceeds into another like-kind investment property. This strategy allows investors to defer tax payments and potentially compound their returns over time.
  5. Tax Deductions and Credits: Syndication investments may provide opportunities for various tax deductions and credits. These can include deductions for property-related expenses, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, and operating expenses. Additionally, certain types of syndications, such as those focused on renewable energy or affordable housing, may offer tax credits for eligible investments.

It’s important to note that tax laws can be complex and subject to change. It’s recommended to consult with a qualified tax professional or advisor who can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

As a passive investor in a syndication, your liability is limited to your investment amount and any distributions received. Real estate investments offer an advantage over stocks and other alternatives, as it’s highly unlikely for a property to lose all its value like stocks can. Companies can go bankrupt or see their value greatly diminished, but real estate generally retains some value. Additionally, passive investors are not exposed to lending risks.

We provide comprehensive financial reports and written updates on a quarterly basis. Monthly updates on leasing activities are also shared. From a tax perspective, you will receive a K-1 form for your partnership interest annually. K-1 forms are typically issued by March 15th each year.

Your funds goes directly to an entity, typically a limited liability company which owns the individual property. You become a fractional owner of the property in which you receive tax benefits, cash flow and ultimately profit from future sale. Each individual project is different and will be detailed in the private placement memorandum.

Once you complete the investor form, you’ll receive an email with next steps.

Target assets will be strategically located and high demand Industrial, Multifamily and Necessity Retail. See the PPM for more information.

No, A investment into a syndication is not guaranteed. However, The sponsors use documented historical data on the properties involved and widely accepted industry methods to conservatively estimate the potential of these investments. It’s important to note that future events, which are unpredictable, can impact any investment. Therefore, we cannot guarantee these investments. It’s worth mentioning that guaranteed investments typically offer lower returns compared to the projected potential returns on syndications.

Syndications are open and approved for accredited investors. To qualify as an accredited investor, you need to meet certain criteria. This includes having a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of your primary residence. Alternatively, you can have an annual income of at least $200,000 for the past two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) with an expectation of earning the same amount this year. If you’re considering investing through an entity, please refer to the SEC’s website for more details and clarification.

You can invest with 1031 Exchange proceeds, cash and through trusts, LLCs, and LPs. In addition, you can invest through self-directed IRAs, and self-directed 401(k)s.

For Self Directed IRA’s. you will need to utilize the services of a self-directed IRA custodian to facilitate an IRA or other retirement account investment.

We can make recommendations to qualified service providers or are happy to work with your custodian in the event you already have engaged with one.

Distributions of positive cash flow are paid quarterly. Some sponsors pay monthly. Check the individual PPM for more details

As one of our partners, you have direct access to the principals of the firm and their investor relations support team. All inquiries are handled via telephone support as well. You will also be able to track your investment via our portal.

If a deal does not close or is not fully funded, 100% of your investment will be returned.

Yes, every sponsor will happily furnish past investors, brokers, lenders and other professionals that they have closed and worked with in the past.

Recently Funded Projects

NNN Industrial Manufacturing Sale-Leaseback

The property is a free-standing manufacturing and distribution facility comprises approximately 72,780 square feet of space, 3 external docks, a 20-foot ceiling height and 3 external levitators. The property sits on approximately 1.90acres of land and is located within a downtown Mesa.

Total Purchase Price: $9,640,000

Target Cash on Cash Return: 7.00%

Min Investment: $100,000

Grocery-Anchored Neighborhood Shopping Center

The property is a Price Chopper Grocery-Anchored neighborhood shopping center with synergistic tenants such as Big Lots, PetCo and FedEx. Densely populated area with high traffic counts. Over 122,000 people live in market.

Total Purchase Price: $20,500,000

Target Cash on Cash Return: 8.00%

Min Investment: $100,000

Mission Critical Hospital & Emergency Room

The Property is a full-service mid-sized hospital and emergency center. The lease has a 20-year term with annual 2% rent bumps, is absolute NNN and has four five-year lease renewal options. The Property, totaling about 260,200 square feet, is in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Total Purchase Price: $40,000,000

Target Cash on Cash Return: 8.99%

Min Investment: $100,000

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