3 Simple Reasons to Opt for NNN Lease Properties for Sale

If you are looking for a safe investment which will yield profit without taking risks, NNN lease properties for sale are one of the best options. They ensure a steady income flow while reducing the level of risk.

Generally a tenant leases a NNN lease property, which may be any of the following: retail, office, and industrial. Since it is a net lease, the tenant must have a sound credit record. This, indeed, makes NNN lease properties for sale a suitable investment opportunity.

Advantages of NNN Lease Properties for sale

  • Because of its unique characteristic – single tenant – NNN lease properties can easily adapt to ups and downs in the real estate market. Instead of having to switch between tenants of varying records, you remain relieved for a decade or so. A single tenant with a strong credit record is less likely to bail out when financially everything is not exactly in favor.
  • Managing residential properties discourage many of us to invest in them. After all, who wants response to call in the middle of the night from a tenant? Fortunately enough, NNN lease properties for sale have no such risks. It is the tenant who is responsible for almost everything.

So what’s on the other side?

  • Despite many advantages, NNN lease properties for sale have some shortcomings. While choosing a property you have to search for a location that will attract tenants. You can’t just invest in a single tenant lease property as soon as you find one in the metropolitan. The location has to be somewhere where people would be willing to live. Otherwise, it might be tough for you to find reliable tenants.
  • Tenants often demand specialized renovation. In that case it might be hard for you to get another tenant once the contract with the current tenant expires.

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