Tractor Supply Co

Tractor Supply Co. offers various agricultural supplies, work-wear and casual clothes, foot-wear, home and gardening products, along with various animal care needs and vehicle accessories. A highly valued brand experiencing sales growth over the past decade.

Tractor Supply Co.

Standard building dimensions are typically about 15,500 sq. ft. for retail purposes. This is roughly the same for outdoor-based product areas. Almost all of their properties are leased, with primary terms of ten to fifteen years on average and 2-4 options to renew at 5 years each.

Tenant Description

Back in 1938, a small mail-order company was selling tractor parts and accessories for the average farming family in the United States. It is no surprise that the heartland of America and its rural lifestyle has embraced their retail stores as part of the fabric of American culture.

At present, they have corporate headquarters based in Brentwood, TN, and are publically traded under ‘TSCO’ on NASDAQ. With yearly sales revenue approaching nearly seven billion dollars, Tractor Supply Co., is the biggest retail carrier of various mechanical tractor parts and tools, along with power equipment, generators, welders, landscaping products, to animal and pet supplies and apparel.

Located mostly in smaller towns and suburban areas, they have operations currently in 49 states, with over sixteen hundred retail locations and twenty four thousand employees who endeavor to provide family-oriented customer service. In fact, many farmers, equestrians, and tradesmen can be found among their ranks.