A familiar name in banking, SunTrust delivers a number of financial services that cover finance and asset management, mortgage servicing, securities and investments, along with top-rated customer service in the banking industry.

After going through a few rough patches during a previous recessionary period, their strategists cleared the way for new growth initiatives and portfolio enhancements by balancing their own books. SunTrust took careful steps to improve creditworthiness and planned for the creation of greater company stability.


With customers in the public and private sectors, they typically run operations via 3 separate divisions: 1) Mortgage Banking, 2) Wholesale, and 3) Consumer Banking / Private Wealth Management. They also own SunTrust Bank, a central subsidiary for all the corporation’s daily banking and managerial activities alongside various other financial services.

Operating the majority of their branches within the Southeast and as far north as Washington D.C., SunTrust also provisions online and mobile banking, ATMs, and 24 hour telephone access.

Tenant Description

Counting over fifteen hundred branch locations and twenty eight hundred automatic teller machines, the majority of SunTrust Banks, Inc. can be found mostly in the Southeastern states, and primarily along the East Coast of the United States. They are well equipped with the latest internet and mobile banking technologies, serving businesses and individuals with high level banking services.

SunTrust is a U.S. based corporation, and a parent company to SunTrust Bank. It’s been quite some time since SunTrust Banks, Inc. was founded. They are a company with a long history of service, dating back to 1891. Company headquarters are still based in Atlanta, GA where they first began, and continue into the present day.