Pep Boys Auto

Pep Boys has learned to ride the waves of the automotive industry, optimizing their financial expenditures and improving creditworthiness in recent years. They are bearing good fruits lately as company liabilities continue to be trimmed annually. In particular, through means of offering their storefronts for purchase, and the majority of them through sale-leasebacks.

While Pep Boys corporate headquarters likes to buy new properties themselves, the use of sale-leaseback transactions has been gaining favor. They tend to offer standard fifteen year net leasing absolute terms, allowing for 1 1/2 percent rental increases or alternately, eight percent price bumps every five years.

Pep Boys Auto

Compared with Advance Auto, Pep Boys normally provisions landlord obligations for roofing and building structure costs. Their properties will also encompass 6-8 service bays connected with a store.

A few factors to note for net lease investors, since accelerated depreciation comes into play. Additionally, structures may be repurposed and redeveloped down the road. Building sizes may range from seventeen to twenty two thousand square feet in dimension, with surrounding real estate averaging over two acres of land.

Tenant Description

Pep Boys is a famous auto retailer and service provider throughout the United States, started by 3 guys known as Manny Moe and Jack. With competition in the industry the likes of AutoZone and Advanced Auto, they continue to see positive sales revenue for their main retail offerings.

This ranges from vehicle batteries and tires, to year make and model specific automotive parts, accessories, maintenance and repair. Domestic and foreign import inventory may include new, aftermarket, or re-manufactured selections. They also expand into other verticals such as power equipment, transport items, chemicals, electronics and generators, and even apparel merchandise.