Mattress Firm

With a stellar mixture of multi-brand mattress bedding products and accessories, Mattress Firm has lead the way to capturing an enormous segment of market share through high quality customer experiences.

Each store locale may be corporate run and owned, otherwise they are run by franchisees themselves. In any case, they are always backed by a secure company guarantee. Often times a store is located as a stand-alone unit, or tucked into a shopping plaza end-cap. They tend to select prime real estate locations for optimal visibility.

Mattress Firm

Standard sizes of ten thousand square foot structures with 4/5 acre lots are the most common. Net lease investors can usually expect twelve year NN initial terms. For newly built properties, NNN leasing terms will average ten percent rental price bumps every five years.

They have done well in this regard, given that in a span of 3 years they were able to double their retail stores at the national level. With a focus on rewarding the consumer, they expect upward growth to continue into the future.

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As one of America’s leading retailers in quality mattress bedding, the company Mattress Firm has now reached 1225 corporate-owned locations spanning thirty three states (as of 2014). Becoming a nationally recognized brand, even in smaller neighborhoods, they have encompassed market share to become the biggest multiple-brand, sleep product retailer in the U.S.A.

In 1986, they originally opened in Houston Texas, providing a wide assortment of custom and industry standard mattress products, including various bedside components and other complementary items. Then in 2014, they acquired Sleep Train and Back to Bed, and Mattress Barn and successfully rounded out their specialty bedding portfolio empire.

It seems that Mattress Firm is set apart from competitors in a few ways. Most notably, with their clean and minimal retail atmosphere, providing exceptional customer service with smart salespeople. Backed by an accomplished history of achievement, they’ve been able to utilize product guarantees in their sales to customers for maximum mutual benefit.