With mostly free standing building structures, Kohl’s department retail stores combine a unique mixture of product selections that aren’t quite found in malls, or department stores for that matter.

With many locations operating throughout the continental United States, the company is proactive with renovations and upgrading existing properties. In fact, roughly half of all Kohl’s stores have underwent upgrades within the past five years.


2013 was a positive year for the company, being rated 2nd favorite retailer by Market Force Info., and rated number one by Brand Keys. It’s also interesting to note that nearly sixty five percent of all stores were being leased in 2013; the rest were corporate owned.

From a net leasing perspective, Kohl’s usually offers longer terms backed by individual tenant credit, and in the form of ground leases with standard rental price bumps.

Tenant Description

The Kohl’s company has built a strong reputation over the years, selling a wide assortment of retail goods ranging from home and kitchen to apparel and accessories, electronics, and novelty items. With corporate headquarters out of Menomonee Falls, WN, they are wholly based in the United States with close to 1,200 stores in forty nine states.

Providing a mixture of traditional and private brand retail merchandise, they do not differ much in selections from other nationally recognized department chains. However, Kohl’s does go about their operations a bit differently than a Macy’s or JCPenney’s would. For instance, they will take on the appearance of a local grocery with single checkout aisles. In some locations, they will even deploy race-track style aisle designs typically found in a discount retailer. While some Kohl’s locations are constructed inside larger malls and plazas, many buildings end up as purely stand-alone structures.