Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, Inc. has successfully tapped into the value market by focusing directly on customer needs, resulting in high desirability for net leasing investments. They are a quite the savvy company, since they often perform due diligence for choosing new locations. Typically they will select shopping centers and prime traffic spots with major grocers alongside complementary establishments.

Dollar Tree

Additionally, they tend to construct single building properties with accessible parking lots. Standard location dimensions might range anywhere from eight to twelve thousand square feet in size.

Tenant Description

Among the fastest growing dollar stores in the U.S., Dollar Tree Inc., which has become famous for selling retail items at one dollar or less. Based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, they’ve also become the foremost discount retailer of dollar stores with over 13,851 locations in total. This is due in part to their 2015 acquisition of Family Dollar Stores, Inc., which added 8200 new locations to the company.

They have stores flourishing in all markets, from metro to smaller rural areas. Suburban middle class customers are the true dollar store demographic, given that store locations are positioned in areas where the majority of middle class customers will frequent.

Dollar Tree continues to branch out via capitalization, demographic profiling of customers, utilizing cost assessment and competitor analysis. Their retail location building dimensions will be found anywhere between eight and ten thousand sq. ft. for a Dollar Tree store, and from six to eight thousand sq. ft. for a Family Dollar.

With that said, the variable range in store sizes allow for more convenient service to their respective communities. With plans to expand new retail stores in shopping plazas, larger city buildings, and stand-alone properties, future projections for the U.S. market will include operations of over twelve thousand Family Dollar and seven thousand Dollar Tree locations.