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Dollar General For Sale

Dollar General For Sale

A Dollar General for sale is appealing considering its lower price range, corporate expansion strategy, and respectable sales record. Recently, Dollar General has disclosed a plan to allot a minimum of 30 parking lots. Dollar General for sale is popular among investors for full egress / ingress and high visibility with a high volume of […]

NNN Lease Properties

Why Should You Invest in NNN Lease Properties?

To real estate investors, NNN lease properties are quite lucrative. However, investing in NNN lease properties is not as simple as it looks at first. You must make decisions with due diligence, as there is no room for change once you have signed the lease terms. The Nuts and Bolts A triple-net lease means the […]

Risks of Investing in Single Tenant Net Lease Properties

Risks of Investing in Single Tenant Net Lease Properties

Alike other commercial real estates, single tenant net lease properties are subject to proper scrutiny. We have discussed a lot about the benefits of net lease properties, but what’s on the other side of the coin? Bad Location When looking for single tenant net lease properties, search for a location in the metropolitan area, where […]

Single Tenant Net Lease Properties

Single Tenant Net Lease Properties

In the corporate real estate sector, single tenant net lease sales are one of the chief niches. The alternative names for single tenant net lease properties are retail or industrial building, or free standing office. The tenant gets into a commitment for at least 10 years or more, with the window for an increase in […]

CVS For Sale

Are CVS for Sale Feasible after the Recent Moves by Rivals?

Together, CVS and Walgreens command 90% of total US retail drug market. However, in recent days, both companies have explicitly disclosed their desire to flex muscle to outrun each other and other competitors. The major deals signed by both companies made this apparent. In this regard, could CVS for sale still be a safe channel […]

1031 Exchange Properties For Sale

Understanding 1031 Exchange Properties For Sale

1031 exchange properties for sale have many benefits. They don’t only help you to depreciate to save on tax, but also allow you to defer taxes on any gain. In order to avoid big tax receipts, you must follow the rules and regulations of 1031 exchange properties for sale. 1: Simultaneous Exchange The investor can […]

Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale

What to Look for in Triple Net Lease Properties for Sale

In the long-term triple net lease properties for sale could be your ultimate source of income. It assures a real estate ownership along with the structure: location, asset, lease, ownership, and tenant. In this article we discuss how these components influence the structure of triple net lease properties for sale as a whole.   Location […]

NNN Lease for Sale

Singling Out NNN Lease for Sale

27Some real estate gurus think that investing in NNN lease for sale is really simple. Some others think of it as equivalent to buying bonds. Whilst straightforward in nature, NNN for sale might be challenging to structure. Since you cannot amend changes later on, it would be wise to review the terms of the lease […]

NNN Bank Building

Are You Eyeing A Bank Building For Sale?

Are you looking forward to buy a bank building for sale? Such an investment has some particular benefits. Firstly, you will have total control over your domain. There is no chance of a rent increase; plus the property appreciation value may go up. Plus, all relevant costs and depreciation value are tax-deductible. However, you may […]

NNN For Sale

NNN for Sale: A Near Perfect Match

Despite two recent revolutionary changes in the market, NNN for sale still seems to be exciting for real estate investors. So, the-here-and-now fundamentals remain lucrative even after the introduction of tax targeting 1031 exchanges and an interest rate hike. When it comes to NNN for sale, the market has not lost any of its vigor. […]