Are Dollar General Stores for Sale the Safest Investment?

Dollar General StoresNew Dollar General Stores for sale are quite smaller in size: on average, just 7,400 square feet. And the location of such an outlet is usually in strip malls, a deviation from the familiar 130,000 square-foot Macy’s scenario.

Yet, Dollar General has touched a milestone of completing its year by year store count increase by the same ratio. Moreover, DG shares are at the pick. More importantly, rather than just emboldening their existing stores, they are investing in new outlets.

Dollar General Stores for Sale Perspectives

  • Over the years, the retail has grown consistently.
  • Competition and risks seem to have little or no impact at all.
  • An ever increasing trend to set up new stores, especially in 2017.

A General Overview

In general, Dollar General competes against Dollar Tree and, to a reduced extent, the remaining retail umbrella. In premium bourses, the share prices are stable or rising. As the news revolving around Dollar General Stores for sale has quieted down, it still remains one of the major players.

There is however no signs of slowing down in opening new Dollar General Stores, and they are following a constant growth pattern.

Safety from Apparel

The apparel sector suffered brutally in 2016. Whether a manufacturer or seller, nobody was spared. Even the market leaders have failed to do a remarkable job. DG was not much affected from this fallout, however.

Store Openings

Retailers who have not got a solid plan are likely to be outpaced by the on growing competition. As of now, DG seems to be following a successful blueprint. Instead of limiting themselves in improving existing stores and pushing only what they have, they are investing big on expansion. So investing in Dollar General Stores for sale is a good idea, especially if you are looking for something risk free but yet profitable.

About the Author

Dwaine L. Clarke is the Founder and President of GCT Net Lease. GCT Net Lease is an investment real estate services firm exclusively focusing on Single and Mult-Tenant Net Lease Properties. The firm provides a full range of brokerage and advisory services nationwide to High Net worth Investors, Developers, REITs and Institutional Investment Funds. GCT Net Lease is headquartered in Windsor Connecticut.

Dwaine is also a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. He is also the author of three best selling commercial real estate investing books. Mr. Clarke’s experience branches through close to over a decade of working with and for some of the nation’s top investors to purchase, underwrite, develop and manage millions of dollars in commercial investment real estate. For his case, he has not only assisted these investors, but also became a student of theirs. Through careful analysis he started to understand what these investment experts were doing, using top strategies to buy, manage and sell their investment properties for maximum profit. He especially took note of how these investors were leveraging their time and how they made their decisions without interfering with their personal or business lives. Mr. Clarke is also active in investing and creating real estate partnerships, providing a vehicle for high net-worth individuals to own income producing real estate.

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