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Welcome to Buy NNN Properties .com Here you can search for all available Triple-net properties, other wise called NNN or net-net-net. Investors enjoy the ownership of these types of properties because the tenant is solely responsible for ALL of the expenses related to the property which include Property Taxes, Insurance, Property Maintenance and Repairs. View our full list of NNN Properties for sale or by Type of Property.

We assist investors with every step of the process from helping to identify suitable 1031 Exchange properties or investors seeking stable, conservative yields in low risk net lease properties. Our large network of owners, developers and brokers provides us with a substantial database of both on and off market NNN properties for Sale to meet any investors need.

We currently have (183) single tenant net lease properties for sale and more on a daily basis. Fill out the form to the right for your specific criteria or browse our current inventory.


NNN Chase Bank

10% Rent Increases every 5 years. 4-5 Year Renewal Options. Chase Bank Corporate Guaranty- S&P Rated “A+”. Newly Constructed in 2011. Double Drive/Thru. $144,000 Annual Household Income within 1 Mile.

Price: $6,044,444
CAP: 4.50%
Rent Bump: 10% every 5
Years on Lease: 15
Guarantor: Corporate
S&P Rating: A+
NNN chase bank for sale

NNN Starbucks

Brand New 2017 Construction- with Drive-Thru Location. Starbucks (NYSE: SBUX), with an Investment Grade Credit Rating of “A-” by Standard and Poor’s. Features Easy Access and Excellent Visibility on S. Carrier Pkwy and Westchase Dr.

Price: $1,700,000
CAP: 5.00%
Rent Bump: 10% every 5
Years on Lease: 10
Guarantor: Corporate
S&P Rating: A-
nnn Starbucks for sale

NNN Walgreens

Investment Grade tenant NASDAQ: WBA (S&P:BBB). No Landlord Responsibilities. Located at signalized corner with traffic count of 28,200 VPD. Directly across from CVS and Timber Landing shopping center. Approximately 8 miles south of Downtown Raleigh-Durham MSA.

Price: $5,072,727
CAP: 5.50%
Rent Bump: Flat
Years on Lease: 15.5
Guarantor: Corporate
S&P Rating: BBB
Walgreens NNN Properties for Sale

NNN Kohl’s

Zero Landlord Responsibilities. Strong rental increases of 10.00% at each option period. Corporately guaranteed by Kohl’s Corporation. Rated “Baa2” by Moody’s and Rated “BBB” by Standard and Poor.

Price: $10,167,327
CAP: Request
Rent Bump: At Options
Years on Lease: 10
Guarantor: Corporate
S&P Rating: BBB

NNN Rite Aid

Two Lane Drive-Thru Pharmacy Location. Visible +/- 60,000 VPD from State Highway 46/ Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Across the Street from TriStar Horizon Medical Center, a 157-Bed Hospital.

Price: $2,611,412
CAP: 8.50%
Rent Bump: Flat
Years on Lease: 2.9
Guarantor: Corporate
S&P Rating: BBB
nnn rite aid for sale


What is NNN Properties?

7 eleven nnn properties for saleNNN Properties (Triple Net) is a lease agreement with a tenant in which the tenant are solely responsible for ALL of the expenses associated with the property in addition to paying rent directly to your “Mail Box”. Expenses paid for by the tenant include Property Taxes, Insurance, Property Maintenance and Repairs.



Many investors enjoy the ownership of these types of leases because not only do they receive all the benefits of traditional real estate they never have to deal with the hassle of landlord involvement. Most of these properties typically operates on a absolute net lease which allow investors to own out of state.

An example of a NNN property on our website is 7 Eleven NNN Gas Station & Convenience stores. These properties are NNN Leases are generally 20 years in length initially, some sites are 15 years. Investors enjoy the rental increases of 10% to 15% every 5 years. 7 Eleven has a strong tenant credit rating of S&P AA-, one of the highest in the industry. Even with many 7 Eleven for Sale available these assets are extremely in high demand.

Who We Are

GCT Net Lease is the premier buyers broker working with investors in the acquisition of NNN Properties and Portfolios. Our team analyzes hundreds of NNN properties for sale daily and present them to our investors on a first come, first serve basis. For investors seeking 1031 Exchange Properties we serve an essential service. Majority of our available properties for sale are not posted on our website because of the amount of volume of properties we receive from our network of owners, developers and brokers. Contact us today with your specific buyer criteria.

For investors seeking other types of NNN Properties like CVS properties for Sale, Walgreens Properties For Sale and 7 Eleven For Sale We also work with investors on a non exclusive basis to identify more specific parameters and off market opportunities.

In today’s commercial real estate market financing has become more easier and simpler to obtain. In 2008, industry experts noticed that Triple net properties all remained unaffected by the rapid economic change. Many investors switched from other real estate assets and moved them into NNN Properties. With the increase in demand and now an improving economy interest rates have gone down to historical levels and investors are taking advantage.